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Post-it Greener Notes, 4×6 in, 5 Pads, America’s #1... Price: $11.39 (as of 05/30/2024 10:01 PST- Details)

4 in x 6 in, Sweet Sprinkles Collection, Lined
Made with water-based adhesive and 100% recycled paper
Post-it Greener Notes are recyclable



Product Description

Post-it Greener Notes are made from 100% recycled paper and a plant-based adhesive which means no new trees were used and the plant material used to make the adhesive was replenished after harvesting.

From the Manufacturer

The Post-it® Note was invented as a solution without a problem. In 1968 Dr. Spencer Silver, a 3M scientist, developed a unique, repositionable adhesive. As remarkable as it was, the product could not find a market. Six years later, colleague Art Fry recalled Silver’s seminars promoting the light adhesive when he was daydreaming about a bookmark that would stay put in his church hymnal. The rest is history.

Today, Post-it® boasts more than 4,000 unique products and has become one of the most well-known and beloved brands in the world.

Are All Post-it® Paper Products Recyclable?
Yes. 3M has conducted recycling trials on Post-it
® Notes at recycled paper mills. The adhesive does not interfere with paper recycling, because the adhesive is substantially removed in the paper de-inking process. The dyes in the paper are also removed in this part of the process.

Are Post-it® Notes Made from Recycled Paper?
Yes. Many different colors and sizes of Post-it
® Notes are available with paper containing at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled content. In addition, 3M offers 100 percent recycled content notes in canary yellow and assorted pastel colors. The 100 percent recycled content notes contain 70 percent pre-consumer and 30 percent post-consumer fiber. Post-it® Easel Pads are also available with 30 percent post-consumer content paper.

Post-it® Notes
Transform a chaotic desk or office into a functional workspace with Post-it
® Notes. These removable note pads stick easily to your planner, table, or message board, so you can quickly find what you need. Conveniently small and recyclable, each note features a repositionable adhesive that won’t leave marks on paper or other surfaces.Post-it® Super Sticky Notes
Stick it where you need it with Post-it
® Super Sticky Notes. Featuring a strong repositionable adhesive, these notes can cling to both smooth and rough surfaces for endless posting options. The adhesive won’t leave marks on your walls or pages, allowing you to keep up with your fast-paced and demanding schedule.Post-it® Recycled Notes
Organize your desk. Post-it with
® recycled notes. Each biodegradable pad is made from 100 percent recycled paper and features a safe, plant-based adhesive. Sized for carrying convenience, these notes are ready for you whenever you need them.Post-it® Pop-Up Notes
For scheduling convenience, Post-it
® Pop-up Notes keep organization close at hand. Designed for easy, one-handed use, these notes pop up one at a time for quick dispensing when you need them. Each recyclable note features a handy repositionable adhesive, so you can be productive while being friendly to the environment.
Post-it® LabelsGet organized today with Post-it® Labels. Available in an array of sizes and colors, these labels are designed for a variety of applications. Use them on folders, boxes, or anywhere you need a label to stick securely.Post-it® Flags and TabsKeep on top of things with Post-it® Flags and Tabs. Tough and long lasting, these adhesive wonders can be used repeatedly to mark important information or files.Post-it® Easel PadsSimplify note-taking at your next meeting with Post-it® Easel Pads. The adhesive-backed sheets stick to most wall surfaces and resist bleed-through for a pristine presentation.Post-it® Pop-Up Note DispensersIncrease your productivity and update your desktop with Post-it® Pop-up Note Dispensers. Designed for quick-and-easy use, these weighted dispensers ensure organization is always right at hand.

4 in x 6 in, Sweet Sprinkles Collection, Lined
Made with water-based adhesive and 100% recycled paper
Post-it Greener Notes are recyclable
The paper in Post-it Notes is sourced from certified, renewable and responsibly managed forests
Use for lists or reminders to yourself or others

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